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Environmental Noise Control, Inc. specializes in all aspects of environmental noise & vibration measurement, analysis, and control. Practical noise & vibration control solutions and materials are available for all unwanted noise and vibration conditions. ENC's engineering services include Field Noise & Vibration Measurements, Acoustical Surveys, Noise Assessments, Impact Studies, Traffic and Stationary Source Noise Measurements, Isoauditory Mapping, Mitigation Design, Environmental Approvals, Permitting, and Acoustical Audits. We inventory a full line of noise control materials, including acoustical absorber and barrier materials, mass-loaded vinyl, noise control blankets and panels, acoustical foam, vibration isolation mounts, soundproof door and window gaskets, and quiet windows. Professional installation services are available from our licensed contractors experienced in installing noise control systems.

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Founded: 1994

Employees: 50-250

HQ Location: Hawthorne, TX US

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